Jeff Roberts Luxery Men's Footware


The Jeff Roberts brand was founded to address a developing rift in the men’s footwear space. On one side, iconic fashion brands such as Prada and Gucci were raising the standards of pure aesthetic beauty with each successive collection. On the other, engineers at athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas were pushing the boundaries of performance in the same way.

However, Roberts believes that the evolution of beauty and performance should not be mutually exclusive, and that the future of men’s footwear should encompass both. To accomplish this goal, Roberts employs a product development approach very different from traditional fashion houses, and similar in many ways to the makers of luxury cars and high-end electronics.

For his debut 2014 Beauty + Speed Collection, Roberts deconstructed classic shoe silhouettes and redesigned every detail from the ground up, with a team of fashion designers who share his futuristic aesthetic, footwear engineers who have a deep understanding of biomechanics and materials science, and third-generation Italian master shoemakers.

Before production begins, each style is then field-tested by men in real-world situations—from global businessmen to Navy SEALs to parkour athletes—and their input ensures that each shoe moves, breathes, cushions, and outperforms all luxury shoes that have come before.

Before starting the Jeff Roberts™ brand, Roberts was co-founder and CEO of a $100 million specialty apparel company that developed advanced combat gear for the world’s most elite teams, including the CIA, Navy SEALs, fighter pilots, snipers, SWAT, FBI, NASA, and other classified units that don’t officially exist.

The Jeff Roberts™ brand is family owned and is a proud 2014 Sponsor of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation. The Phoenix Patriot Foundation provides direct support to severely wounded veterans, enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate, and remain engaged in serving America.